Marimba Magic Classes 2022 - 2023

taught by Marimba Magic founder Sarah Tenney, MMEd and Alison Hannah, MMEd

at The Rivers School Conservatory 333 WINTER ST. WESTON MA 02493 (781) 235-6840

Marimba Magic students enjoy exploring sounds on percussion instruments, including gongs, xylophones, a variety of drums, and many more intriguing sound makers from around the world. Children play songs on the marimba in unison and in parts, which helps to develop good listening and rhythmic skills. Students drum the rhythm and sing the melody, which helps them to play each song with ease. Improvisation and composition are an integral part of the curriculum giving, students an understanding of musical elements through their own creative explorations. Groups perform on marimbas and percussion in Rivers School Conservatory recitals.

MARIMBA MAGIC 1 for ages 5-8
Thursday 3:45 and Saturday Morning TBD

Playing marimbas, drums, and percussion, singing, moving, and conducing, students develop rhythmic, ensemble, improvisational and ear-training skills. The ensemble performs in the beautiful Rivera Recital Hall.

MARIMBA MAGIC II for ages 6-9
Thursday 4:45

In this 2nd year class, students play scales and arpeggios on the marimba, developing an understanding of the keyboard, knowledge beneficial for playing piano, strings or other instruments.

They sing eachmelody played, and transpose them into the various keys they have learned.

THE MARIMBA MAGIC ENSEMBLE for advanced players, ages 9 - 12
Wednesday 5:15-6:15 P.M.

Wide range of more challenging repertoire from African to Classical, as well as improvisation.
This ensemble performs at Rivers and at local venues, The Natick Market and Senior Centers.

Tuesday 6:00-7:00 P.M.

This advanced ensemble plays a world premiere at The Annual Seminar on Contemporary Music and has performed 5 world premieres with Boston Musica Viva, 15 performances in Symphony Hall at The WCRB Cartoonfest, as well as at National and International Conferences.
Repertoire of many genres includes virtuosic xylophone solos and world premieres.

For more information please contact Sarah Tenney at

"Marimba Magic wakens the child's musical spirits, releasing the joy
of rhythm through little fingers holding wooden mallets and palms
pounding drums; until suddenly the child is blooming with music,
moving freely, dancing joyfully, discovering the wonders of
sound-never to forget!"

- Stephanie Rippe, Marimba Magic parent